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Some Thoughts About Ingredients by Rachelle
August 5, 2008, 9:38 am
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When making something simple like bruschetta, the important thing is to use good ingredients. You’ll need these to make Lazy Gourmet Bruschetta, but they are also good pantry basics to have on hand.

Fresh Garlic. Please, I beg you, abandon garlic powder. Buy whole garlic, or cheat a little and get a jar of the pre-chopped stuff. It’s usually in the produce section with the salad supplies. It makes food prep easier, and is nearly as nice as chopping it fresh.

Fresh Basil is essential for dishes like bruschetta, or to put on homemade pizza — or even to jazz up a pre-made deli pizza. You can grow in on your windowsill in a pot, or buy it fresh in small-to-large packages in the produce department.

Olive Oil can really range in price and quality. Get decent olive oil — not the most expensive, but not the cheapest either. It must be extra virgin. If you have the cheaper non-virgin stuff, use it in cooked foods where the flavor is not as prominent. For cold dishes use the good stuff.

Parmesan/Romano/Assagio. You are absolutely forbidden to use Parmesan ‘cheese’ in the green can. We are not eating in 1972 folks. Go buy a bag or carton of the pre-shredded stuff, or save some coin and get a triangular block and shred on a grater (fine or heavier depending on what you like) or shave it into thin slices with a sharp knife.


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i totally agree about the fresh garlic. i love, love, love working with it.

and i grow basil in our windowsill 🙂

congrats on this new, fabulous space!

Comment by maggie ann.

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