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Lazy Gourmet: Caprese Bites by Rachelle

I always think a  cocktail while cooking is a good idea, don’t you?

Created by: Katy K

This appetizer is so easy you can throw it together in minutes. After a friend sent an article from the NY Times about what to put on a toothpick, I put these together for a party. They were gone in minutes! With a loaf of crusty bread and a nice glass of wine, you could sit on the porch and call this dinner. Enjoy!

Shopping List

black pepper
cherry tomatoes
small fresh mozzarella balls
fresh basil leaves
coarse salt
olive oil
balsamic vinegar

Put a lot of fresh ground black pepper in a pie plate or shallow rimmed dish. Wash your toms and basil and spin the basil dry. (Have you noticed how important the salad spinner is? It’s a kitchen must!) Stack your toothpicks with a toms, a piece of basil and a mozzarella ball. Line ’em up in the pie plate. Sprinkle with coarse salt and drizzle with olive oil. Right before serving, splash with balsamic vinegar. Pass ’em with the red wine.

What you would put on a toothpick? Tell us in the comments below, or give us a link to a recipe!


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