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How to Organize Your Recipes by Rachelle
August 15, 2008, 9:00 pm
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Posted by: Rachelle

A few years back I read an article in Real Simpleabout how to organize your recipes. (I can’t find the original one on line, but they do offer 8(!) methods here.) I’d been trying different methods for sometime, and was thrilled at how well this system worked.

Shopping List
several three-ringed binders
plastic sheet protectors
binder dividers with tabs
glue stick
copy paper (you can used stuff that’s been printed on one side — reduce, reuse!)
recipe cards from grandma, aunties, and the sweet old ladies at church
favorite recipes from magazines
recipes printed from your Epicurious recipe box or other on line sources

Sort your recipes into broad categories. Then sort again into subcategories. (Don’t worry, you can easily shuffle them around again easily with this method.) These are the categories that work for my collection, I have a binder for:

Soups and Sides: veggie soups, meat soups, salads, sandwiches
Main Dishes: pasta (meat, veggie), beans, meat (beef, chicken, lamb, fish)
Baked Goodies: breakfast foods, sweet bread, yeast breads, cookies, pies/cakes/desserts
Special Occasions: fancy appetizers, cocktails, Christmas, Easter, Passover, Thanksgiving

-Recipe cards that have writing on both sides get taped inside the plastic protectors — I put four to a page.
-Recipe cards that are one sided can be mounted to paper first to make them easier to slide into plastic sheaths.
-Recipes from magazines get pasted onto paper and slid into protectors. I try to keep the pictures with them for inspiration. Sometimes I cut out the recipes themselves and glue them onto part of the picture.
-Recipes printed from on line sources are just slipped into the page protectors.

Now you can easily flip through all your recipes. Decide that a side dish works better as a main dish? Just move the page protector to the other binder. Real. Simple.

I’ve never quite gotten to this step, but the original article also suggested that you go through your cook books and make a list of your favorites with their page numbers, then put that list in the front of your binder.

I like tearing out magazine recipes and then tucking them into the binder pockets. Then a couple time a year on a lazy weekend, I go through them and put the ones I still want to keep into the binder.

Got and idea for organizing recipes? Have a favorite on-line recipe box? Do tell!


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Thanks to Rachelle’s tips on organizing recipes I now have a book entitled ‘Paula’s Recipes’ that is a joy to use & one I already treasure. The scrape book approach worked perfectly for me. I love the dog-eared stained pages with scribbled notes. Handwritten recipes from dear friends. Newspaper & magazine clippings sometimes with pictures, now all there at my finger tips. I spent an entire Sunday sifting & sorting through recipes, shopping for materials, & putting it all together. Time well spent!

Comment by Paula Kinahon

[…] Cookbooks. I have this neat organization system for my recipes and I really only use this, my GF baking cookbook, and online resources. As long as […]

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