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Happy Hour – Whiskey Sour by Katy K
December 6, 2008, 8:52 pm
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Maker's Mark Whiskey Sour

Maker's Mark Whiskey Sour

Tom Chiarella wrote a piece for Esquire entitled “The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master“. It’s fun read.  A friend at work asked me why I was reading such an article and, though I think one should not have to defend oneself for reading, I said that I need to know these things so I can be my own man and not have to depend on a man to be one for me…and maybe I can judge whether he is man enough for me…but I digress… 
Among all the skills one should master, #17 is “Make one drink, in large batches, very well”. That’s good advice – don’t you think?
Mr. Chiarella’s drink is the Whiskey Sour and you can find the large batch recipe in his article.  Now, I love a good Whiskey Sour, and I had been trying to work out the proportions for myself by trial-and-error. Since I read the article I have found this recipe to be quite reliable. 

Per drink:

2    oz  whiskey
1/2 oz  fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 oz  simple syrup (sugar dissolved in an equal volume of water)

photo4Just stir, serve on the rocks, and enjoy.  Maker’s Mark is in my photo and it is a nice American whiskey that I bought for the Thanksgiving Manhattans last week. It makes a delicious Whiskey Sour but I think I prefer Canadian-style “rye” like Seagram’s VO or Seagram’s 7.  I’ve heard that Canadian rye is not real rye but that’s a whole ‘nother issue.  I find that many Canadian whiskeys are milder-tasting than the American whiskeys I’ve tried.  With a lighter whiskey, the taste of the lemon in the Sour is more forward, which I like, but your choice of whiskey depends on what you’re in the mood for. Now that it is winter, the Maker’s Mark is satisfying, but in the summer, on the deck of my friend’s boat on Lake Union, Whiskey Sours made with Canadian rye are just the ticket.


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I fall squarely in the Canadian whiskey camp. I too have tried to make a whiskey sour with other leftover scotches, bourbons, etc. I find all but the Canadian are too oaky, mossy, something not right for me.
P.S. We should have gone to Subeez that night to do some research KK.

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