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Happy Hour – Lemon Drop by Katy K
February 11, 2009, 3:19 am
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photoI had my first Lemon Drop at the same establishment that served me my first Cosmopolitan – the once funky, and now defunct, Seattle Catch Bistro in Fremont. This restaurant had a nice atmosphere, it was fun to sit at the bar, and they had a delicious linguine with clams and white wine that they made with a roux and served in the saucepan at the table.  I asked our cute and charming waitress for some suggestions because I wasn’t in the mood for a Manhattan, or a gin and tonic, or a Margarita. She suggested a Cosmopolitan, which was awesome, and then she brought me a Lemon Drop, which was too sweet.  I commenced my years-long affair with the Cosmpolitan that night. More recently I have had some delicious, not too sweet, Lemon Drops out and about on the town, and so I have been trying to make them at home.  I was using lemon-flavoured vodka but they tasted awful! Last Friday night I had a conversation with my new favourite bartender at the fun and delicious brand-new restaurant in my neighbourhood, Cantinetta.  As a result of this consultation I made some good Lemon Drops this weekend. No flavoured vodka was involved. He told me how to infuse my own lemon vodka if I really wanted flavoured vodka. He said to slice lemons, spread them on a baking sheet, put them in the oven to heat them up, and then cover them with vodka and allow to cool. Pour the vodka off the lemon slices, and you have your lemon-infused vodka.  He said that heat was the key but I would have believed anything he said, he has the the most distracting dimple…I’ll try infusing vodka some day, but until then, the recipe I came up with this weekend is delicious…

Ingredients per drink

1                    tsp  sugar (superfine)
1/4 to 1/2       a lemon (depending on the size of the lemon)
1  1/2             oz   vodka (Ketel One)
1/2                 oz   Cointreau 

This is like a Cosmopolitan with lemon instead of lime (I guess that’s why I like it). Put a teaspoon of superfine sugar into a glass, put pieces of lemon into glass and crush with a muddler. Add ice and pour the vodka and Cointreau over it. Invert a cocktail shaker into the glass and shake, shake, shake. Strain the Lemon Drop into a cocktail glass rimmed with superfine sugar. Lately I’ve been straining my Cosmos, and now Lemon Drops, through a tea strainer – it results in a more…refined…sip of vodka.


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Being a lemon-drop fan, I had to try this. I had mixed results, partly because I had no cointreau and blithely substituted Grand Marnier, because I lack many of the drink-mixing tools required to do it right, and because I wasn’t sure how much of the lemon to use.

They turned out pretty well, although not as lovely as the ones depicted, nor as delicious as the last ‘commercial’ version I tried…

Comment by Dave Campbell

Hey- glad you tried it! I’d say lots of lemon and the sugar on the rim is key. I also think shaking with ice long enough to get some extra water in these type of drinks makes them taste better (Cosmos, Margaritas, Daiquiris, etc). I liked mine this weekend better than the 2 commercial ones I’ve had in week since. Last night I made Cosmos for some friends using the neighbours’ Triple Sec. They tasted different but not bad.

Comment by Katy K

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