Food Hero


Food Hero: Food by friends, for friends.  

Nothing connects people like sharing food around a table (or cocktails around a bar!) As neighbors, Katy K and Rachelle certainly bonded over apricot tarts, winter stews, and Ten Cane cocktails with a side of pistachios. When circumstances saw them seperated by oceans, these friends decided to start a food blog as a mutal long-distance hobby, and Food Hero was born.

Food Hero features delicious, not-too-hard recipes and curious things about food related topics. We hope you’ll find something to make for dinner tonight, or for that potluck this weekend — and that you’ll give us your tips and ideas as well. Stop by often and watch our palate grow!

About the Friends


Hi! I’m Rachelle Mee-Chapman, alt-minster, mom and blogging enthusiast. I write all over the web, but my primary blog is Magpie Girl. I don’t mind be distracted by sparkly things over there, but more and more I’ve been wanting a seperate space to write about all things food-related. (I know, I know…I need another blog like a need a hole in my head, but what are you gonna do? The Muse, she is relentless.)

In my thirties I got hit by a chronic illness involving food sensitivities; gave up dieting for good; and made peace with my body.  About that time I also moved from Seattle, Washington to Copenhagen, Denmark — where my immigrant life under the northern island skies led me to refine my thinking about food, cooking, and eating around the seasons.

On top of all that, a high school pal needed some help getting out of bachelor-food hell, so I started teaching him to cook on line. Willing to eat almost anything — junk food, standard fare, and culinary delights–Jeff described himself as my “food hero.” Since I was typing up recipes for Jeff, I figured I might as well post them on line. And when Katy agreed to play along with me, and voila! Food Hero. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you enjoy our little food adventure. Have yum!

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About Katy K

Actually, the first time I met Rachelle, I talked to her because she has beautiful red hair (I LOVE red hair). She was writing Scottish Blessings in colored chalk on the sidewalk in front of her house. She was actually very coy. The next time I remember is when she invited the neighbourhood to her house for chili (food!). I went to the party because I wanted to get to know her. The third time I remember was election night. My nearest neighbour invited me to go with them to Rachelle’s because they were unsure of what to expect. I went with them and when I walked in, Paul offered me a cocktail (drinks!)and that was it. I really wanted to get to know these people better. He made me an Old Fashioned, or was it a Sidecar? It was delicious and served in a cool glass.

Since those fateful days, Rachelle noticed me cooking for myself and carrying my bag full of lunch and snacks past her front door every morning. I eat in restaurants with various foodie friends several times a week. I mix up cocktails for anyone who will take one. I like to post pictures of food that I cook, or that someone else cooks and I eat, online. I am obsessed. Rachelle pointed out the obvious – that I would enjoy hosting a food blog. I think it is time that I enter the fray and stake out some territory on the world wide web. I hope you enjoy Food Hero too.



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Nice to find a spot for showcasing local eats and liquid refreshments, will have to find some good ideas; Just enjoyed a delicious rack of lamb so it is only fitting that I find a food blog of Katie’s on the http://WWW... Nice Job btw!

Comment by Oliver N

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